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How do you check collation and compatibility level for a database?

Scenario There is a common practice in the DBA world to work on a daily basis with back-ups and restoring of databases on different servers with different configurations. In an ideal world you would have the same collation and the same compatibility level on all your machines but for cases when this doesn’t happen here’s […]

Automatic database restore using DateTime functions in SQL Server

Scenario I have to restore a production database to a development database on a weekly basis in order to refresh the environment. Currently, I’m doing this process manually. Is there any way to script this out so it can be automated?  Check out this tip to learn more.   Solution If you take full backups […]

Downgrading a SQL Server database to a lower version

Scenario proposal After recently upgrading a SQL Server instance to SQL Server 2012 a few days ago, you noticed that your application is not functioning properly. You decided to roll back the upgrade by downgrading the SQL Server database engine to SQL Server 2008 R2.  After the downgrade of the database engine, you are unable […]

Storing an IP address in a SQL Server database

Scenario proposal Often databases are used with web-based interfaces and recording the IP address of the end user can assist with debugging, marketing, bandwidth planning and collation selection to name a few. In a scenario where each page access is logged, is there an optimal way to store IP addresses? Solution This tutorial will work […]