Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Project Review

Project checkpoint reviews are appropriate whether you’re in the midst of an initial implementation or sustaining a mature data warehouse/business intelligence (DW/BI) environment. Checkpoints allow you to bring CodeReview’s extensive knowledge and experience to bear on your project.

Depending on your requirements and the maturity of your initiative, project checkpoint reviews typically focus on four critical aspects of your environment—organization, usage, data, and technical infrastructure. Reviews are invaluable to project teams in terms of both confirmation and/or redirection.

During a focused review engagement, a CodeReview consultant typically makes a two day onsite visit. Prior to the onsite visit, the consultant will review background documentation such as the project charter and scope, business requirements, technical architecture, and existing schema. In addition, we ask the client to provide a list of questions, issues and/or concerns related to the project. During the onsite meeting, the CodeReview consultant will facilitate discussions of the client’s questions and issues and provide feedback regarding CodeReview’s review of your DW/BI environment.

Most clients take detailed notes during the onsite visit and develop written documentation summarizing the key learnings and recommendations resulting from the checkpoint review. CodeReview will then review and comment on this summary document. Alternately, the CodeReview consultant can provide a written summary for an additional fee.

A typical checkpoint review project consisting of the background materials review, two day onsite session, and review of the written summary document is provided for a fixed bid amount of £10,000, plus associated travel and living expenses. Reviews outside the EU or reviews requiring more than two days onsite can be provided for an additional fee.

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