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A script to find/drop all orphaned users in SQL Server Databases

Scenario Proposal One of my many day to day duties includes administering a database (actually many databases) for a Human Resources application. This application uses SQL logins for data access. This is a database I inherited so I had no input on how things were setup or administered. In the past the application administrator used […]

Location of full text temporary folder in SQL Server

Scenario The process of creating, building, and maintaining full-text search capabilities is quite a daunting task. During the installation of Full-Text Search for SQL Server 2000, one of the folders gets installed in a not-so-conspicuous location that could potentially be troublesome as the server gets busier. To get a good start on building and maintaining […]

How do you check collation and compatibility level for a database?

Scenario There is a common practice in the DBA world to work on a daily basis with back-ups and restoring of databases on different servers with different configurations. In an ideal world you would have the same collation and the same compatibility level on all your machines but for cases when this doesn’t happen here’s […]