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Sql Interview question #8 : What is collation?

Sql Server Interview question #8 What is collation? Solution Collation refers to a set of rules that determines how data is sorted and compared. Character data is sorted using rules that define the correct character sequence with options for specifying case sensitivity, accent marks, Kana character types, and character width.   Thanks for reading this […]

How can I clear the SQL Server query cache?

Scenario When conducting performance testing and tuning on a new system, most of the time a number of options are outlined to potentially correct the performance problem.  To determine the best overall solution, each option is tested and the results are recorded.  As lessons are learned options may be combine for a better end result […]

How to drop and recreate SQL Server foreign keys?

Scenario You may have been in a scenario where you needed to quickly generate a script to drop and then subsequently re-create all of the foreign keys in a database (or in a specific schema, or matching a specific naming scheme). In some situations you can simply disable and re-enable the constraints, which isn’t all […]

Automatic database restore using DateTime functions in SQL Server

Scenario I have to restore a production database to a development database on a weekly basis in order to refresh the environment. Currently, I’m doing this process manually. Is there any way to script this out so it can be automated?  Check out this tip to learn more.   Solution If you take full backups […]

Complex search queries in SQL Server

Scenario Just like every other company, we need to have our queries run as fast as possible for our users to have the best experience possible with our application.  One of the core components of our application is to search across a number of columns in a table.  We have been trying to accomplish this […]

SQL Server FREETEXT command of expanded search

Scenario I have been reading about the Full Text Search capabilities in SQL Server 2005 and your tips have been a big help to improve how we query our data.  Thus far converting our core queries to leverage Full Text Search has been a big help.  I have been seeing information about the FREETEXT command […]